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Educator Toolkit

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The Educator Toolkit was developed to help build social emotional learning skills. When students feel valued and cared for, they learn to care about others. It is important to build healthy relationships and supportive learning communities, especially now during a global pandemic when children and families may lack resources and support. In the toolkit you’ll find lesson plans for Grades K-3 and Grades 4-6 filled with activities and resources on social-emotional learning with a focus on topics that include feelings, empathy, communication, conflict resolution, and peer relationships. The goal is to help children recognize the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and develop strategies around how they want to be treated, how they treat others, and how they cope when faced with challenges. Every lesson uses a breathing, mindfulness or brain break activity to empower children to increase resilience, focus and calmness. There are also activities to extend the lessons.

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Educator Toolkit

  • Intended Audience:

    Educators K-6

  • Developer:

    WV Foundation for Rape Information and Services

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