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Bullying Prevention Unit

Course Description

The Bullying Prevention Unit includes training and resources for school staff, classroom lessons, games and activities, and materials for families. This five-lesson, anti-bullying curriculum for kindergarten through 5th grade students is geared to reduce bullying, support positive bystander behaviors and support skills to develop friendship building. Unit key concepts: class rules, recognizing bullying, reporting bullying, refusing bullying and role of bystanders. The Unit also includes training modules for school staff.

Course Information:

Course Title:

Bullying Prevention Unit

  • Intended Audience:

    Grades K-5

  • Developer:

    Second StepĀ®

  • Program Format:

    Four lessons per grade

  • Associated Costs:

    Some costs are associated with training facilitators of this program

  • Gender Inclusive:


  • Additional Resources:

    Second StepĀ® has a large collection of resources available on their website.

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