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Sexuality Education for People with Disabilities

Course Description

When it comes to talking about sexuality, people with disabilities are often excluded, almost as if they are incapable of having sexual thoughts, feelings, and needs. In reality, they too are sexual beings who need the information and skills for making healthy decisions about sexuality. Though agencies and schools who work with people with developmental disabilities know that sexuality issues need to be addressed, they don’t necessarily feel comfortable or competent enough to do so. This training will give you the curriculum, tools, and skills to teach sexuality education classes and lead staff/parent training. This curriculum is evidence and trauma informed. It is cognitively accessible and designed for teams to co-lead the class.

Course Information:

Course Title:

Sexuality Education for People with Disabilities

  • Intended Audience:

    People with developmental disabilities, from high school age to adults

  • Developer:

    Elevatus Training®

  • Program Format:

    22 Lessons, each lesson is approximately 1.5 hours, led by a trained facilitator

  • Associated Costs:

    Some costs may be associated with training to facilitate this program.

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  • Additional Resources:

    Additional resources are available on the Elevatus Training website https://www.elevatustraining.com/, to include additional free and paid on-line and in-person training courses.

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